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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

RefMe becomes Cite This For Me (but doesn't work for me)

Do you use bibliographic referencing ("citation") software?  We do! We've tried various brands.  Many students fell in love with RefMe as an easy tool for saving your references and inserting them into essays and assignments.  We had some reservations, but in terms of ease of use, it had a lot going for it.  So we were interested to learn that the bibliographic referencing tool, RefMe has now become CiteThisForMe

  • If you had a RefMe account, you can carry it across to CiteThisForMe.  You may or may not find that the bibliographies you transfer across, have expired.  (Mine were still there on my phone app, but not on the web version. Very strange!) 
  •  If you're making a new account, however, it's a tad more confusing.  Your registration is incomplete unless you sign up for Premium membership - with attached cost. 
  • Even more worrying - if you're a non-Premium user with a free account, your references are only saved for a week - really, not much use at all!
  • Meanwhile, if you download the app, you can't login with your newly half-created free account.  (You can if you've got a transferred-across account from RefMe. That's confusing too.)
 It might be better to give up and go for Mendeley or Zotero.  Seriously! 

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