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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What in the World is Wandelweiser?


'Whittaker' has just catalogued the latest Contemporary Music Review, on the subject of Wandelweiser.

(Contemporary Music Review Vol.30 Part 6, 2011, ed. Nicholas Melia and James Saunders.)

But what on earth is Wandelweiser?  We can now advise you that it's a German composers' collective specialising in aleatory (aleatoric) music.  Chance music, you could say.  'Wandelweiser' is as much a compositional philosophy as the name of the group.

Christian Wolff is an exponent of this approach.  We do have music by Wolff, which you can see here.  One of his recordings particularly associated with Wandelweiser is a CD with the title, Stones, which we have just added to the Whittaker Library stock. Catalogue details here.

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