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Saturday, 18 February 2017

John Adams Turns 70

John Adams turned 70 on 15th February and this is being celebrated during the 2016/17 season with over 400 performances around the world. It will cumulate with the world premiere of his new opera Girls of the Golden West in California, November and December 2017. Boosey and Hawkes have written a news piece about this celebration which you can find here. If you are feeling inspired then why not check out what the Whittaker Library has of John Adam's material.  

Sir James MacMillan Month in Glasgow

This coming March is Sir James MacMillan month in Glasgow. Nine concerts will take place to celebrate the long association with MacMillan and the city which will include students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. More information about the concerts and MacMillan is available from Boosey and Hawkes news page. The Whittaker Library has an array of material by MacMillan which you can find here. So why not start having a look in preparation for March!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Accessible, Captioned Theatre -

Have you come across Stagetext?  It describes itself as 'a national charity that brings the arts to life for people with varying degrees of hearing loss'.  A recent article in the Action on Hearing Loss magazine (Winter 2016) shares the great news that Stagetext and Digital Theatre have come together to bring acclaimed shows online, complete with captions, so you can watch on a variety of devices in the comfort of your own home.  

Visit the website - click here.

Competitive Concerto Musicians

We've just been sent programmes for a significant Scottish music competition:-

Edinburgh Competition Festival: 28 February - 12 March 2017

Visit the website to see who the Concerto finalists are.  You'll recognise some Royal Conservatoire of Scotland names amongst both competitors and adjudicators.  Wishing all the best to all concerned!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Scotland on Screen and The National Library of Scotland at the Kelvinhall in Glasgow

Last year the refurbished Kelvinhall opened to the public with an odd mix of sport and arts. A key part of this new development is the Scotland on Screen archive. Here is a video of them building the project. (Click on image below)

Scotland on Screen allows you to discover and learn about films from the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive, Scotland's national collection of moving images.
A wide variety of learning resources have been created by film practitioners and teachers to accompany each clip. Specific topics and groups of films are explored in more detail in Lesson Guides which you can access in-house or online.

A number of short tutorials are available to help you get the most out of Scotland on Screen. These include:

•Editing In MovieMaker
•Moving Image Education
•Close Reading Guide for factual and fictional films

Everyone can:
•Browse and watch all clips on the site (over 15 hours of footage), search by subject or subject area
•Use archive clips as a starter introduction to a new topic
•Enjoy sharing clips and memories with family and community
•Explore the questions and activities independently to deepen your learning
With a login you can also:
•Download high quality clips and use them to make your own creative work

Go along to Kelvinhall with its luxurious state of the art digital viewing facilities or visit the Scotland on Screen website here: (Click on link below)

Scotland on Screen

Have you discovered National Theatre Live?

National Theatre Live.

If you do not know about NT Live you are missing out, its time to discover it. Coming up is Ibsen's classic play Hedda Galber.

In Patrick Marber's new version of Ibsen's play, its an adaption that should not be missed. It's easy not to miss it as there's a live broadcast from the NT's Lyttelton as part of NT Live programme. It will be in cinemas across the country this Thursday the 9th March. Director Ivo van Hove (fresh from directing the David Bowie musical, Lazarus)  has given the play a contemporary performance twist. (Click on link below)

National Theatre Live Hedda Gabler 

Check out The Stage's review (Click on link below)

The Stage

The closest cinema to RCS is GFT and you can buy tickets online. (Click on link below)

Glasgow Film Theatre : Tickets for Hedda Gabler  

Baby Steps, Big Steps: Clementi's Gradus ad Parnassum, op.44

Gradus ad Parnassum, op.44

By Andrew Sorensen, Flickr
Composer and London piano teacher Muzio Clementi published his famous piano exercises 200 years ago. He called them "Gradus ad Parnassum".  This is quite an appropriate title.  It means "steps to Parnassus" - a high mountain range in Greece.  In ancient times, the mountain was said to be the home of Apollo and the Muses, so the piano pupil was taking steps to mastering his art. 

It felt like time we got the latest edition for our Whittaker Library.  And we found it, in three volumes edited by scholars Andrea Coen and Costantino Mastroprimiano, and published in Italy by UT Orpheus.  Watch this space - we'll tell you when the three volumes arrive.

Not that we don't have Clementi's op.44 already - we do have some published by Augener, but not the whole opus, and not in a modern edition!  (How remiss!)

You can also access a whole range of older scores of Gradus ad Parnassum on IMSLP - and transcriptions of various sorts, too.

So, Muzio, you can celebrate the bicentenary of your famous piano exercises, still going strong after all these years, and republished in a brand new edition in the 21st century.  Not bad!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Off West End Theatre Awards:

Click on the link above which will take you to the full list of Off West End Theatre Awards finalists!

This is a good way to keep up-to-date on what's happening just off the mainstream of performance/ theatre in London.

Shades of Dr Who: The Library Portal

Step into the portal, and start exploring ...

Here at the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, we have our own place in the RCS Portal, where we can share library guides, information about copyright and referencing, and other useful information.  In particular, the library's subject portals contain links to useful free websites (the sort we don't have to subscribe to!), and now also some free open-source articles that have been listed on reading lists.* 

RCS staff and students will find the RCS Portal here:- 

This is the Library Portal:- 

Subject Portals

You'll find separate pages for different subjects:-
 Much of the RCS Portal is password-protected, for obvious reasons, but the library subject portals are open-access.  

Classical Improvisation

* Musicians studying Classical Improvisation - do take a look at the Library Music Portal.  You'll find a lot of your recommended reading here!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Wilderness of Tigers - Interview with Director

Another interesting article by Rachel Walker, in Queen Margaret University's magazine, qmunicate. This one's an interview with Alasdair Hunter, director of theatre group Wilderness of Tigers:-

Arts Interview: Alasdair Hunter on Scottish Theatre and Shakespeare

Live Cinema Relay of Ballet - How Do You Feel?

If you love ballet - and cinema - then how do you feel about watching ballet streamed live in a cinema? Does it work for you?  There's an interesting piece by Rachel Walker, about watching live streamed ballet in a cinema - read it in qmunicate magazine from Queen Margaret University:-

Arts Feature: the Pros and Cons of Live Screenings

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Composers, What an Opportunity! Birthday Commission


Budding composers can apply to win a Royal Philharmonic Society 25th birthday Commission for ClassicFM! Check it out here:-
There are further opportunities too. Be quick, watch for the deadlines! And did you know that the RPS also supports various music awards? Know someone phenomenally talented, who has given much to music perhaps over many years?

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Trump-et Shall Sound (Purely for the Trumpeters)

We shared all those international competitions, but they seemed rather light on brass. So - here are some trumpet competitions.  Enjoy - and good luck!

Courses and Competitions for Musicians

Although the Whittaker Library doesn't actively collect details of courses and competitions, at this time of year flyers seem to wing their way to us like homing pigeons.  Yesterday was a record - four flyers in one afternoon!  What can we do but share them with our friends?

Conducting, Piano, Organ, Strings, Wind, Vocal, Chamber ...!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Books For the Teachers

Student Teachers, Look!

Our PGCert/ Masters in Education courses are done by distance-learning.  We get e-books where possible, but sometimes they're only available as paperbacks.  If anyone's going to be in Glasgow in the near future, we've just catalogued some brand new paperbacks, (practically) hot off the press.

Did you know, the homepage of our catalogue has a link to our latest books:- click the link at the bottom of the pink square:-
  • Catmull, Edwin, Creativity, Inc: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration (2014)
  • Cron, Lisa, Wired for story: the writer’s guide to using brain science to hook readers from the very first sentence (2012)
  • Duarte, Nancy, Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiences (2010)
  • Gilbert, Elizabeth, Big magic: creative living beyond fear (2015)
  • Griffith, Andy, Engaging Learners (2012)
  • Griffith, Andy, Teaching Backwards (2014)

Friday, 20 January 2017

Introduction to Music Psychology? We can help with that ...

Soothing Thoughts from the Library 

Students following the Introduction to Music Psychology option have to do a presentation later this month.  The Whittaker Liibrary can help find resources to get that presentation all polished and ready to go.

Music Psychology Books

If you need books on Music Psychology – we have materials in print and electronic format.   (Check “Refine your Search” down the left side of the screen)

Electronic Resources for Home and Away

Need more?  Or need online material to use from home?

How to Access E-Resources

  • Students and staff need "institutional access" to use these resources (Look for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in the list, then use your normal RCS login) 
  • Lastly - when searching, look out for boxes to check for “only items I have access to”, to avoid retrieving things that we don’t subscribe to!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Deadlines? Library Help is at Hand ...

Kodaly Musicianship Assignment?

A little bird told us there's a written assignment coming up, and a practical exam shortly after that.  Here are some quick suggestions from the Whittaker library! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can offer any other help.

You might like to spread your wings a bit and try our e-journals
  • Remember – when asked to login, please choose Institutional Access 
  • When searching, tick the box “only items I have access to”, to avoid retrieving things that we don’t subscribe to.